My Husband Wants to be a Church Planter

  • $6.99

When your husband brought up the idea of planting a church how did you respond?  A little less than enthusiastically?  Don’t worry – the majority of planter wives needed some time to process the idea!  You’re in good company.  In My Husband Wants to Be a Church Planter, So What Will That Make Me? you will learn from experienced church planter wives about the struggles and tremendous fulfillment that comes with planting a church.  Within its pages you will….

  • Gain an understanding of the process
  • Learn the importance of setting boundaries
  • Discover how to manage your finances
  • Develop skills to manage your time
  • Find ways to maintain a healthy marriage and family life.

Enjoy the journey and relax –more than 92 percent of planter wives say that even though church planting requires sacrifices, it is worth the cost!