The Life of Christ, Volume 1

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The life of Jesus of Nazareth is, without question, The Greatest Life ever lived. In four short years of ministry, He not only launched a movement that changed history, but He also revealed God the Father. The Holy Spirit knows, even if we sometimes do not, that the best way to communicate spiritual truths is to clothe them with flesh and blood. In the incarnation of the Son of God, God became man and lived life as God intended men to live.

Through your study of this course, we pray that you will:

  • More fully understand the story of Christ’s life and how the events, parables, miracles, and teachings fit into its overall plan
  • Study how Jesus revealed God’s personality, love, and character in His life and actions
  • Be able to summarize what you learned about how Jesus trained the twelve disciples and how you might apply this as you mentor others
  • Be able to identify Jesus’ overall strategy as He brought His message to earth
  • Comprehend why Jesus often placed such stringent requirements on those who would be disciples
  • Learn to distinguish between the concept of discipleship and the nature of saving faith
  • Learn to identify key events in the life of Christ and know where to find them in the four Gospels

Are you ready to begin the first segment of your study of the life of Christ? Life of Christ, Volume 1 will guide you through Christ’s birth to Peter’s wonderful confession of faith. Volume 2 will finish the greatest story ever told.