The Christian Life

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Making the decision to become a Christian by making Jesus Christ as Savior begins an adventure that will continue for the rest of a believer's life and for all eternity. While there may be no obvious difference in appearance between a Christian and a non-Christian, the life a Christian lives differs from the life of an unbeliever in some significant ways. At the heart of those differences is one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Christian life is defined neither by a set of religious disciplines nor by an academic collection of doctrines. The Christian life is a growing relationship with Christ that is lived out day by day. This course explores that growing love relationship with Jesus and its impact on every aspect of life, as well as ways to deepen it.

The main topics of this course include:

  • An introduction to a variety of questions and topics relating to the Christian life
  • Exploration of the nature of the Christian life
  • Understanding of how a calling as a Christian affects life and relationships
  • Help in being able to discuss challenges involved in living life as a Christian
  • Discovery of ways to deepen intimacy with Jesus Christ and encourage others to do likewise

This course is applicable to new believers as well as those more mature in their faith. The purpose is to challenge the reader and bringing them into a deeper relationship with Christ.