Bible Study Methods

Bible Study Methods

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As Christians, we hunger to hear from God. We long to know our Creator and be a part of what He is doing. We want to receive instructions and guidance for how to live in His world by His power and according to His good pleasure. God has placed these desires in us. He has given us eternal food for our longing hearts. The opportunity to feast on God's Word is worthy of our time and diligent efforts.

The purpose of this course is to help you, as a believer, take part in this amazing privilege of studying the words that God our Father has given to us.

In Bible Study Methods, you will learn one of the most effective methods for studying the Bible, the inductive method. To study something inductively means to gather as much information and facts about a subject as you can and then draw conclusions based on those facts. When we study the Bible inductively, we look at the information and facts in the Bible and draw conclusions based on those facts. As we rely upon God, His Spirit will lead us and help us live our lives based on the truths in His Word.

Through your study of this course, we pray that you will:

  • Understand what the three-step inductive method is and its value as a Bible study method.
  • Learn and practice personal study habits that will help you develop greater skills of Bible study.
  • Gain a new appreciation for the incredible wealth of detailed information God purposefully placed in His Word.
  • Learn key principles for interpreting Scripture and their importance.
  • Learn a practical method of application.
  • Learn how to use your Bible study skills as you mentor and lead others.